Kubota B2741compact tractor

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Through the use of ECO-PTO, high performance, high load implements such as low-volume sprayers can be effectively used with lower fuel being consumed.

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Shorter Turning Radius

With the turning radius for the B2741 being as tight as 2.1 m, movements in narrow places or between ridges are completed smoothly without damage to crops.




B2741 (NeoStar)
27 HP


Type Kubota D1305-E4,E-TVCS,
liquid-cooled, diesel engine
No. of cylinders 3
Displacement (cc) 1,261
Engine gross power (HP) 27.0HP
Engine Net power (HP) 24.4HP
PTO power (HP) 14.3 kW (19.17 HP)
Maximum torque 81.1 N·m



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